Aerials | Tractor Drawn

Exceptional Aerial capability, with superior maneuverability and control to get the unit into tight fire scenes.

Key Features

  • Fifth wheel articulating design provides short turning radius and high maneuverability
  • Rear trailer steering allows tiller driver to negotiate tight corners and congested streets
  • Available with fire pump and water tank options, providing a versatile fire scene application
  • Ladders with wide steps and high handrails for safer rescue and fire fighting
  • Pre-piped telescopic water system for quick master stream operation
  • High-volume trailer carries exceptional amount of fire-fighting equipment and ground ladders
  • Modular body design enables fast repair and reduced downtime
  • Numerous compartment design options can be custom tailored to specific needs
  • "Out-and-down" outriggers provide flexible placement and Short-Jacking capability
  • Available tip load capacity ranging from 250, 500 and 750 lbs

Aerials | Telesqurt

A compact rated aerial that operates and responds like a pumper. Provides a versatile first-out unit to handle both rescue and fire suppression operations.

Key Features

  • Engine Company operation — With elevated master stream capability
  • Equipped with boom mounted rescue ladder — Enables aerial ladder operation
  • Short overall length and wheelbase — Highly maneuverable in congested areas
  • Short compact boom length — Minimum apparatus length
  • Simple reliable design — Proven track record with high number of units in service
  • Minimal outrigger spread — Can set-up in tight areas
  • High-volume master stream — Fast, efficient, and safe fire suppression
  • Minimal space required for installation — Little or no impact on tank or hosebed size
  • Multi-function engine/aerial capability — Versatile fireground application
  • Available integrated controls at pump panel — Minimal manpower required for operation

Aerials | Ladders Heavy Duty 110'

A refined version of our proven aerial performers with Heavy-Duty ratings for versatile fire ground performance

Key Features

  • High tip load rating - 500 lbs
  • Pre-piped telescopic water sytem rated at 1500 GPM
  • Retractable Monitor as standard equipment is quick to establish master stream operation or rescue operation
  • Maximum lift cylinder elevation range, -7° to+78°
  • 12 ft Outrigger spread with deep penetrating jacks allowing full rated operating capacities on a 10.5° slope (18% grade)
  • Open walkway on ladder for easy, safer climbing
  • Maximum available compartmentation in Stainless or Aluminum, depths up to 25" - Store large accessories
  • Easy payout and reload of hose, up to 1000' of 5" LDH
  • Low enclosed ground ladder storage - Promotes safe removal and easier handling of up to 190 ft of ladders
  • Numerous aerial tip options available
  • Available on Rear-Mount and Tractor-Drawn applications
Pumper F Class

Pumpers | F-Class

Constructed of high-strength stainless steel for the highest level of corrosion resistance and durability.

Key Features

  • Constructed with 12 gauge 304L low carbon stainless steel
  • Dragonhide(TM) SMC-laminated exterior surface panels provide excellent finish and can be replaced easily if damaged
  • Stainless steel pump house module for maximum strength and corrosion resistance
  • Multiple pump configurations including American LaFrance pumps with capacities up to 2000 GPM
  • Fiberglass or polypropylene water tanks, up to 1500 gal capacity, available in rectangular, T-shaped and L-shaped design for low hosebed
  • Fiberglass hosebed flooring is slatted and maintenance-free
  • Multiple body configurations and options provide optimum flexibility to meet your department's needs.
Pumper L3 Class

Pumpers | L3-Class

Available in aluminum, this new monolithic integral sub-frame design provides superior performance and reliability.

Key Features

  • Aluminum formed body
  • Aluminum formed from 3/16" 5052 sheet with aluminum sub-frame
  • 150% stronger and 230% more resistant to bending than 1/8" sheet
  • Fully modular body with integrated sub-frame and American LaFrance proprietary FMSTM mounting system to reduce shock and torsional loading
  • Traditional aluminum framed pumphouse with stainless panels or optional stainless frame pumphouse with classic American LaFrance inset panels
  • Multiple body configurations
  • 15-step PPG paint on body with durable, high luster finish
  • VMUX solid state electronics for maximum programmable flexibility for strong system reliability with advanced full-service harness network
  • Multiple pump configurations including American LaFrance pumps with capacities up to 2000 GPM
  • Industry first independent UL welder certification
  • Full-body durability testing by American LaFrance at independent proving grounds
Pumper L3 Class

Condor | 880S/830S

Built to get the job done.

Rugged. Strong. Versatile. With an integrated chassis design and clean frame rails for easy installation of almost any body type, the Condor chassis is one of the toughest, most versatile low cab forwards on the market. Maximize weight distribution and experience unheard-of agility with a set-back front axle and 45-degree wheel cut. Go custom with four different factory built steering options. A left-hand steering position is standard. Optional right-hand steering or dual steering positions provide versatility, convenience, and safe operation. A low-entry, right-hand stand-up steering position is available for front-load, automated, or manual refuse applications.

Key Features


  • Largest cab interior space in the industry
  • Two-piece windshield with side and rear window options provide for up to 273° of visibility to all corners of the cab
  • Standard tilt/telescoping steering wheel allows for extra belly room
  • Dash-mounted steering column with all critical gauges in clear sight for driver
  • Removable dash allows for easy access to electrical areas
  • Cab options for left-hand sit-down, right-hand sit-down, dual sit-down, and stand-up right-hand drive configurations
  • Third man seating available behind passenger seat on 880S models
  • Ample interior storage space for driver equipment and work logs including convenient molded cup holders
  • Best HVAC package with excellent cooling including controls on driver and passenger side. Six defroster outlets and optional dual auxiliary defroster fans, positioned across the full windshield, help ensure excellent visibility


  • Largest radiator in the industry allows for maximum cooling and eliminates the need for complex auxiliary cooling
  • 830S model provides tapered back of cab that is customized for front loader applications
  • Cab construction of lightweight aluminum and composite materials which decrease chassis tare weight and increase payload
  • Increased maneuverability with setback front axle and 45° wheel cut
  • Low cab, ladder-type entry, with ergonomically placed grab handles increasing safety with three-point contact to truck at all times
  • 18" cab entry step height
  • 90° door opening for easy access and egress
  • Maximum engine accessibility with 42° forward tilting cab
  • Easy access from the ground to routine maintenance and fluid inspection points
  • Strong reinforced frame and cross members for long-term durability
  • Heavy-duty front frame extension